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Hi, I’m Nick Darani – the man behind Papa Nick’s Driving School!

I’m a local driving instructor in Peterborough with over 25 years as a professional driver. My driving lessons are great for people who want to build confidence on the road quickly. I’ve helped hundreds of students just like you, learn how to drive and pass their test with a smile!

My goal as an instructor is to help learner drivers become the best they can be behind the steering wheel. Which is why my driving lessons are completely catered to your standard. Being fully prepared for your test is key to success and you can see from my reviews, pupils love and always recommend my driving school!

I offer driving lessons in single hour lessons, two-hour lessons or bulk packages. All lessons come with a pre-and-post briefing in the car. Most driving instructors should take the time to understand what you found challenging so that your driving lessons are structured around you.

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You can now book your driving lessons online. If you would like to learn with my driving school, you can see all of my prices and availability in the booking system below.

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Learners love my driving school!

The aim of all driving lessons is to help you pass. It’s that simple! I want you on the road enjoying your freedom as a safe and confident driver. You’ll learn that you can enjoy driving during my lessons. Driving doesn’t have to be difficult!

Feel free to look through my reviews below to find out what pupils have to say about learning to drive with me!

“I PASSED! Third time lucky! Thank you so much to Nick Darani, a wonderful instructor, professional, calm, puts you at ease and is and simply perfect. Would recommend Nick to any new driver ready for the road, he is excellent.”

Katie ParkerPupil

“The best driving instructor I know, really patient with his students!! Thank you so much!! Passed with 2 minors”

Carlie DeanPupil

“Just passed my test second time lucky thanks to Nick! Brilliant driving instructor! Probably one of the most difficult students he had as I’m a nervous wreck but he got me through it no matter how awkward I was and I couldn’t be happier thank you so much for being so calm and relaxed! Would recommend 100%.”

Mollie KellyPupil

“I would highly recommend Papa Nick he is very helpful and always makes sure you are comfortable with driving. He helped me overcome my nerves and he is very reliable and will never let you down.”

Adam HayesPupil

This is just a small handful of the amazing reviews we’ve received from our pupils. If you’re interested in finding out more about our ratings, visit our Google My Business page or Facebook.

Where I offer lessons

We mostly cover Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Our pupils are taken out for their lessons in the areas they know and love to help keep their confidence up.

What’s included in your lessons?

You’ll learn to drive with a manual gearbox. Depending on how many hours we have, your driving lessons will be structured around getting the most out of our time.

  • Theory test preparation can be included
  • Practice driving test routes
  • You’ll learn all the manoeuvres
  • You’ll learn motorway driving, how to use roundabouts, parking and much more!

Common questions about lessons

We want to make sure you become the best driver you can be! So, before you consider booking lessons, it’s important you understand everything you can about driving courses, driving lessons and, driving instructors.

Will my lessons be in a manual or an automatic?

We believe that driving with a manual gearbox gives you more options in the future. An automatic car can limit your driving experience and knowledge. If you start with a manual and decide to change your choice in time, you can easily transition to an automatic!

Will you help me with my theory?

Your theory test is equally as important as driving. Understanding the rules of the road will save you time in the future. We offer in-car theory training at the end or start of our hour together. If you’re unfamiliar with where you can take your theory test make sure you check out the Gov site.

I’m nervous when driving, does that matter?

I think it’s fair to say that most first-time drivers are a little nervous. It’s completely natural. Peterborough can be a busy place but, the time will fly by with us and we’ll make sure you remain safe at all times. We’ll take it at your pace and you can pick what you’d like to learn during your driving lesson.

If it’s more comfortable for you, I recommend you book bulk hours rather than single lessons.

Is driving a car difficult?

Of course, when you first get into a car, it can be a little overwhelming! But that’s what I’m here for! I’ve been driving for over 30 years which means I can offer expert advice to help you pass your test in no time!

Independent, approved driving instructor (ADI).

Learners have a 95% pass rate on their test.

Local and loved by learners.

Driving with confidence

Driving instructors should build your confidence every time you learn to drive. My method of teaching is great for anxious or nervous first-time drivers. The training you’ll get from my driving school is always consistent and you’ll never feel rushed or pressured.

You’ll learn the test routes, the most common manoeuvres, how to use your gears and clutch like a professional and so much more in your driving lessons.

Remember they’re your lessons. It’s as much your responsibility as mine as the driving instructor to offer you the best experience.

Pass your test in Peterborough

Peterborough has an average pass rate of 48% according to the DVSA. However, on average the learners, I teach have a pass rate of 95%! That means you’re more likely to pass your test with me than any other instructors!

A fully-qualified instructor

To offer driving lessons, all instructors must be ADI qualified. You can always check if instructors have the right qualifications by asking to see their ADI badge at the start of your lesson. I also hold one of the highest ratings as an instructor with a grade of A+.

Learn at your own pace

I’ve already said that my driving school was started to help people bring fun into learning how to drive. It’s what makes being a driving instructor so much fun! I enjoy training learner drivers no matter what pace our lessons go. It’s about you feeling comfortable first before anything else.

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