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How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need? Budget & Plan for Your Test

How many driving lessons do I need?

By September 23, 2020 Driving Lessons

As a driving instructor I’m often asked ‘how many driving lessons do I need’?

It’s completely normal to try and work out how many lessons you’ll need. You might want to budget before learning to drive. Or maybe you just want to find out how many lessons you’ll need because you’re a student and you need to work around a schedule.

Most driving instructors will need to see you during a lesson first. It helps us understand how many hours of lessons you’ll need. I offer an introductory discount on driving lessons to make sure we’re a good fit before committing to hours.

You’re probably eager to book a driving test and enjoy your freedom! To help you understand how many hours you’ll need to pass, I’ve listed the average recommended lessons you’ll need from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency.)

You’ll need around 44 hours of driving lessons before you pass your test. It’s important to remember that some people learn to drive quicker than others. This is just the suggested average of hours.

How many driving lessons should I take a week?

The more hours you spend on the road practicing, the better. I always recommend at least 2 hours of lessons per week. This will help you build the confidence you’ll need to take (and pass) your test.

Remember each driving instructor is different and so is every pupil. It’s always great to practice but you’re main goal is to enjoy your lessons. It’s also really important that you don’t overload yourself with private practice and too many driving lessons during a single week.

Learning to drive can be stressful at times and it’s why I focus on making my drivers feel comfortable and safe during the process.

How quickly can I pass my driving test?

My advice is that you’ll need at least 40 hours. This can either one hour or two hour lessons. In total that’s 40 lessons (1 hour) or 20 lessons (2 hours). That means you should be ready to take your test within 4-5 months – depending on your progress.

The number of lessons you take can always be adjusted depending on how quickly you learn and how confident you feel you’ll pass your test. I have an incredibly high pass success rate and that’s because I give you all of the tool you’ll need to become a great driver.

The second thing to remember is that choosing a driving instructor can have a huge influence on how many driving lessons you need. Unfortunately, there are driving instructors out there who will add extra hours to make extra money. It’s always best that you check each driving instructors reviews on Google before you book your lessons.

Note: before you take your driving test you must have already passed your theory test!

Papa Nick’s Top Tip on Driving Lessons

Before you pass your test, or even learn how many driving lessons you’ll need, it’s important to make sure you meet all of the requirements first. This can be from making sure you’ve applied for your provisional license and that you’re able to perform all of the manoeuvres on the practical test.

Here’s a great checklist for learners:

  • Learn the highway code inside and out
  • Practice with friends and family when possible (but don’t over do it)
  • Budget for your lessons well in advance
  • Schedule how many lessons you take around your life (school/college/jobs)
  • Choose between standard and intensive courses
  • Make sure you can commit to the hours first
  • Look for highly recommended driving instructors (here are my Google reviews)

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